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Most people are lazy. They don’t want to get any education on the basic fundamentals and principles that are now responsible for driving our once great nation into the ground. They just have blind faith that the people running our government and our financial system know exactly what they are doing and that these people are doing their best to take care of us. They believe everything will be fine in the end.

Payday loans may be a reasonable choice if you have poor credit and need a small amount of cash quickly for an emergency, but they are a terrible way to repay other debt. Payday loans are very high interest; typically you will pay 500% APR or more for a fourteen-day payday loan. That’s more expensive than a credit card cash advance fee!

But if a small business owner thought the bank was making a pretty penny off their loan at 4% and milking them dry at 8%, it’s time for a reality check. In 2009, the Small Business Administration (SBA) introduced the America’s Recovery Capital loan (ARC) to stimulate lending. The ARC loan is a $35,000, interest-free, 12 month deferred payment loan that is fully guaranteed by the SBA. $256 Million was allocated to the program. It is a fantastic opportunity for a business owner and a terrible burden for both the bank and tax payer. The SBA predicted an astounding 56 percent default rate on the funds. Yes, 56%.

This has become known now as Social Minimalism, a neo-epicurean philosophy to expound on our rush to excel versus our innate selfishness and laziness. In the Sunbelt, if you couldn’t cash in on the opportunities in this new transformation, go with the flow in a greedy rush toward what became an exercise in mass, largely unregulated capitalism, then you were left out of it; viewed as something slightly less than what was considered the standard flag-bearer for a normal human being. You were minimalized. And now, decades later, what has happened?

Often think and talk with friends about the effects of money or a shortage of money. Do you have enough saved to survive a crisis? Do you want or need more financial security? Do you worry about money problems? So you overspend, or deprive yourself and feel sad? Are you satisfied with your lifestyle? For sure, money is a powerful commodity…but in the end, it is only a medium of exchange.

As the old saying goes, if you’re going to sip of the public wine, you can’t bawl like a private year-old heifer when an innocent but stupid blunder results in someone’s tragedy. Life is not fair works both ways. We’re all learning that. Some of us painfully. Which is what wisdom is, some great poet I can’t remember once wrote. We all grow wise against our will I think were the words to the poem. But call the Texas Two-Step the New Reality brought on by our rush to riches in the Sunbelt Movement and the subsequent re-shaping of our international economy. Men and women just aren’t perfect. Again. And again. Indeed.

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Most cash advance lenders offer short term loans up to $500 but some lenders offer up to $1500 to $2000 in cash. Your ability to borrow depends on your ability to repay the loan. When you complete your loan application, you will have to indicate your monthly earnings. It should be noted that most cash lenders, require all applicants to make at least $1000 per month after deductions (e.g. taxes, retirement, alimony, child support, medical benefits, etc).

Get more information about your rights and responsibilities as a debt consolidation loan consumer by visiting the websites of the Federal Trade Commission or your local Better Business Bureau.